A community that is worth building on. We welcome the prospects of new business for our community, we are continuously improving our community, and welcome new residents to our community.

About the Town of Big Cabin

Big Cabin, Oklahoma

The Town of Big Cabin is located in the southern region of Craig county in Northeastern Oklahoma. Our town is located near the three main lakes in Northeastern Oklahoma, Grand Lake, Lake Hudson, and Oologah Lake.

The town's name was created when the MKT railway in the late 1800's named a switch station and referenced the big wooden cabin used by the Cherokee Indians. The community was dubbed the “Hay Capital of the World” because of the amount of hay produced and shipped between 1883 and 1910 (Oklahoma Historical Society, 2012).

Meet Our Team

Sam Yeoman Chairman of the Board/Mayor
Mr. Yeoman has been a life long member of the community and has served on the Board of Trustees. Currently Mr. Yeoman is the Chairperson over the five member Board of Trustees.
Daryl W. Jay Chief of Police
Chief Jay is a dedicated individual to protecting and serving the community. Chief Jay has served in Law Enforcement for many years and brings his experiences and knowledge to protect and serve the community..
Rita Moore Municipal Court Clerk
Ms. Moore is the Municipal Court Clerk for the Town of Big Cabin in 1997. Ms. Morre processes al court documents, citations, and case files. Ms. Moore is a key component to the functions of the municipal court system in Big Cabin.
Linda Purcell City Clerk and
Ms. Purcell is the City Clerk and PWA Clerk for he town of Big Cabin and provides a vital role to the town's records.

Big Cabin Police Department & Municipal Court

"Peace demands the most heroic labor and the most difficult sacrifice. It demands greater heroism than war. It demands greater fidelity to the truth and a much more perfect purity of conscience." (Thomas Merton)

Protect and Serve

Every officer takes an oath to defend this nation, state, and community against those who would otherwise commit violent act against the public. Our officers dedicate their lives to protecting and serving the community and all those who visit.


Through the use of new technology the officer's can process investigations, accident scenes, cases, and citations efficiently and accurately. Technology helps the officer's sorten the time spent on documentation and processing so that they can be available quicker to the needs of the public.

Court Xolutions LLC

The Polcie Department and Municipal Court uses Court Solutions LLC to provide iindividuals with quick and easy access for taking care of traffic violation financial responsabilities.

There are many

On average 10,000 motorist travel through Big Cabin on U.s. Highway 69 daily both north and south bound. Motorists connect with I-44 Will Rogers Turnpike at the Big Cabin exit/entrance 283. Our department monitors and enforces traffic laws on this highway and surrounding jurisdictional rural area roadways. Our primary goal is to promote safe driving through our town.

The Court System

The Big Cabin Municipal Court is a lower court system that holds the authority, level of importance, and the geographical coverage for the jurisdiction of Big Cabin Oklahoma. The Municipal court processes violations of city ordinances and traffic violations. The Municipal court members are the Honorable John Crockett, Prosecutor Mark Antinoro, and Court Clerk Rita Moore.

The Court Clerk

The court clerk provides administrative duties with processing the citations for violations of city and traffic ordinances within the jurisdiction of Big Cabin Oklahoma. The court clerk sets the court schedule, the court docket, and fines processing.

Court Dates

The Big Cabin Municipal Court is held on every first Tuesday of every month unless the date falls on and observed holiday. Court starts at 4:00 PM.

Big Cabin PWA (Public Works Authority) and City Clerk

Keeping our city viable and vibrant

Trash Services

Residents of Big Cabin are provided a trash service that is picked up weekly by the trash collection vendor.

Community Cleanup

Annually the Town of Big Cabin sponsors a large trash dumpster for the community. This helps the community dispose of unwanted items that are not normally picked up by the local trash vendor. This helps the residnets keep the commuity cleaned up.

Local Trash Vendor

Continental Refuse Service is the past and current local trash removal service for the town of Big Cabin.

The Water System

The local water system is controlled and maintained by the PWA. Our local water resource is pumped in from Vinita Oklahoma. Recently Dwight Helm, Sam Yeoman, and Tom Polk co-authored a new pipeline that was installed helping with the quality and quantity of water supplied to the town of Big Cabin.

The City Clerk

The city clerk provides administrative duties and support of city records, maintaining billing records and accounts for the residents, and the recording of town counsel meetings.The city clerk position is an electoral seat for the town of Big Cabin.

Community Building

The community building serves as a multi-purpose facility for ht etown of Big Cabin. The building facilitates the town's board meetings, our senior citizens weekly lunch, public and private events. The building also facilitates the PWA Department and the City Clerk's office.


Get in touch with us

Please feel free to send us a comment, ask questions, inquire about our town, police department, water department, community, or local business.
If you need information or have questions relating to court, citations or reports please contact the Court Clerk/Police Department.
Questions relating to PWA, water bills, establishing a water tap, or city records please contact the City Clerk/PWA office.

Police Department & Municipal Court
PO Box 146
Big Cabin, OK. 74332
Telephone: +1 918 783 5911
FAX Number +1 918 783 5913

City Clerk & PWA
PO Box 146
Big Cabin, OK. 74332
Telephone: +1 918 783 5704
FAX Number +1 918 783 5913

E-mail: Big Cabin Police Chief
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